A big experience for the small people


Dance Theater DANSEMA (Lithuania)
An interactive dance/circus performance for children from 0 to 3 years

Every day thousands of children are learning to understand their surroundings. It is either by what they see or what they touch, what they hear or what they taste. While it seems it is only a pleasant activity, with the help of games our young ones learn to discover and accept the environment around them.

Birute Baneviciute and Giedre Subotinaite encourage children in this dazzling performance to explore not only the tiny world they have created on stage but also themselves. “Colorful games“ is full of surprises and opportunities to participate by having fun together with the dancer.

The Performance won the Golden Stage Cross as The best performance of the year for children and youth (2015)


“Beautifully unravelling artistesty which truly engages the young audience both on and off stage!“

–Hellen Smittenberg, project leader at JONK, Sweden

“In this performance reappearing objects became a stimulus to learn and play <...>. “Colour games“ – it is certainly a performance that the scene of Lithuania‘s contemporary dance lacked. Surely it is not a princess story, but a performance where children are equal participants and creators. Even after the performance, children kept playing together.“

–Silvija Cizaite-Rudokiene, theatrologist, Lithuania

“What an undescribable joy to see the progress of modern dance where dance can reflect the children and let them enjoy their environment. <...> It is very fun to watch the audience‘s growing excitement. While babies seem to be very interested, parents proudly observe the unique and microscopic ensemble of their offsprings on stage.“

–Ruta Oginskaite, journalist at menufaktra.lt, Lithuania
Performances in Estonia

Friday, 18.11.2016 at 5pm and 7pm

Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava
(Telliskivi 60A, Tallinn)

Ticket price:

  • Children age 0-3 years with parent - 19,50€
  • Family member age 4+ / adult at chairs - 8€
  • On the day of the performance 18.11 price 25€/10€

Sunday, 20.11.2016 at 10am and 12am

Cultural House Haapsalu (Posti 3, Haapsalu)

Ticket price:

  • Children age 0-3 years with parent - 15,50€
  • Family member age 4+ / adult at chairs – 7€
  • On the day of the performance 20.11 price 20€/10€

Tickets available:

and one hour before the performances on the performance venue

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Additional information: Anu Tähemaa
+372 505 8618